One day, I sat down to write a manifesto of sorts on what I believed to be true about mindfulness and technology. Here is what what came to mind….

I believe technology is only as good as the people using and designing it.

I believe the human brain is more intricate and amazing than any computer ever developed or that will be developed.

I believe true connection requires your attention, awareness and presence to be meaningful.

I believe the internet supports forms of collective consciousness and changes peoples lives.

I believe quick clicks, likes, or dashed off tweets, texts and emails, without thought, clog the consciousness of the internet.

I believe choosing where, when and how technology is a part of your life is a powerful choice for yourself and others.

I believe pausing, to think, feel or breathe is never wasted time, it actually saves time in the long run.

I believe the internet has brought us closer together and further apart.

I believe words are powerful…they hold energy, purpose and meaning…use them wisely and kindly.

I believe words, spoken or written, in person, in the pages of a book, or online, hold the same amount of power and meaning.

I believe the form in which words are presented, is secondary to their actual content.

I believe silence is golden, and necessary, and needed more than ever in this world of noise, activity and constant interaction.

I believe there are times when people shouldn’t be able to reach you via email, text, phone, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other form of communication.

I believe in the ability and creativity of technology to reach out, share stories and connect us in ways we didn’t or haven’t imagined yet.

I believe in the beauty, memories, creativity, art, stories and humanness I see shared every day on the internet.

I believe stories are the way people remember, share, learn and allow us to see ourselves in another…shared stories bind us together.

I believe we each have stories to share, and all our stories woven together create the fabric of being human.

I believe if you don’t know yourself, you can’t truly know another.

I believe meditation creates the space to step back from your life…pause…and feel connected on a deeper level to yourself, the world and something bigger than yourself.

I believe that feeling small, can be a good thing. Being in awe of the vastness of the universe and humanity, can be beautifully humbling.

I believe if you can’t be alone with yourself, you are not as interesting to be with, as someone who can.

I believe meditation is not just a gift to yourself, but to the world.

I believe true communication happens when compassion is present.

I believe you can be authentic, and true, and real...even in the digital world.

I believe in the beauty of long walks or a cup of tea to unfold and share with another, and we need more of both.

I believe we need to be better at communicating “with” rather than “at” each other.

I believe we are connected in more ways than we could have imagined, that the world has gotten smaller, but the distance within the walls of own homes, workplaces and communities have gotten larger.

I believe brilliance is not found in the newest gadget or latest app, it’s in the depth of your soul, the fire of your desires, and the kindness in your heart.

I believe we are all better together — collaborating, than we are alone or competing.

I believe we each have a presence, an energy we share with those around us, in person and online.

I believe your digital presence matters and affects others.

I believe our digital presence touches those to whom we are directly connected, and ripples out to include others we don’t even know.

I believe being conscious of your digital presence is necessary, and the quality of all digital communication would be elevated if everyone took the time for this awareness.

I believe technology is not good or bad, it’s what we make of it, how we choose to use it, and the intention behind it that determines the outcome.

I believe the world is a better place with technology, and technology is better with conscious human beings designing and using it.

I believe the brilliant balance of technology and our shared humanity can change the world.