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My dear friend, Laurie Lenfesty, creates the most beautiful jewelry at her studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Her designs are unique, feminine, gorgeous and can be worn with a cocktail dress or jeans and a t-shirt. They layer easily and trust me, you will become obsessed.


Another wonderful girlfriend, Hillary Randolph, sells her own jewelry line and carries others at her Wear Your Grace shop in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  The beauty and simplicity of her pieces make you wear them daily. Stop in and feel the peace and grace that abounds.


I promise, not all my friends are jewelry designers!  Meaghan Hennelly Candelaria has been designing jewelry for decades, ever since she took silversmithing classes in college.  Her use of the most exquisite precious gems creates unique one of a kind pieces.  She custom makes each one highlighting the stone being used.

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A hobby of mine is taking photographs.  I layer images by doing multiple exposures on one frame inside my digital camera.  It creates beautifully layered abstract images that combine disparate elements. You can read more about my process and see my images by clicking on the title above.

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Noela Figueroa is not only a dear friend but also an amazing chef and restauranteur. Bodega Prima is a Santa Fe favorite with its locally sourced, organic ingredients combined in ways that make your mouth water and your tummy happy.  Her homemade preserves, relishes, and canned goods make it easy to take Bodega Prime home.

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I adore Lotus Wei products.  I discovered their flower elixirs years ago at a conference and I have been a huge fan every since.  Their products are unique, effective and never disappoint.

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Linda Siversten has created a wonderful online community of women writer's known as the Beautiful Writer's Group.  Her wisdom, sense of humor and honesty about the writing process is a breath of fresh air. I have belonged to this group for years, and have found writing buddies and life long friends.

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I believe in supporting women entrepreneurs, so I became a Los Angeles Activator for SheEO. SheEO is a global community of women radically transforming how we finance, support and celebrate female innovators.


I love, love, love everything this company creates.  Words matter and their choice of beautiful words to create home decor products are without comparison.  The walls of my home in Los Angeles are adorned with their canvases.

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I love this female owned mala company. They started with unique, gypsy soul malas and have expanded to include bracelets and rings. They are beautifully made and I often use them in my meditation practice.

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This company makes some of the most beautiful meditation cushions... zabutons and zafus I have ever seen.  The cushions are India inspired and artisan crafted, and the company includes charitable giving as part of its practice.

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Another mala designer I adore, based in Southern California. They also offer mala making workshops, which is on my To Do list.


I love everything about Danielle LaPorte. Her books, her talks and her honest and sometimes irreverent truthbombs that arrive in my inbox every day.  She's a bright light, a truth speaker, a divine femin-ista and champion for all.

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All of my life, I have been an activist...speaking out, marching and volunteering in various capacities advocating for the rights of the most vulnerable or forgotten in our society.  I am an active member and steering committee member of this political organization in the South Bay of Los Angeles.