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The Disease of Busyness

This.  I love this article.  It’s from one of my favorite websites and podcasts, On Being with Krista Tippett:

On Being: The Disease of Being Busy

I read it when it first came out, and as fate would have it, it ended up in my InBox today, the week I begin my two week sabbatical from all personal social media.  It’s beautiful and thought provoking.  I love the line, that in some cultures, “How are you?”  translates as “How is your heart doing at this very moment, at this breath?”  Can you imagine if that were the question we actually asked, rather than the obligatory “How are you?” where the answer is often “Fine” or “Busy.”  What kind of conversations would you have if you asked how someone’s heart was in this moment? Can you imagine?

My heart lately, is tired.  Tired of the battles, the anger, the hatred I see spread across social media platforms.  I know there are big issues this country is facing, and in an election year, which makes the conversations around them seem bigger and more emotion filled.  Whatever feelings, beliefs and opinions you or I may have on social issues and politics, there is one thing I know for sure…none of it will be solved with anger, pointing fingers, and seeing fellow citizens as the “other.”  Change happens through seeing into the soul of another, having compassion, sharing empathy…putting yourself in another person’s shoes…until you can share their walk…their journey. That’s when understanding grows…creates shared space for conversations and common ground.  That’s when taking the time to ask “How is your heart doing at this moment?” changes everything.

My heart longs for more time with my sons…more days at the beach…long walks with my dog…enjoying the days of summer which seem to arrive slowly, and leave all too quickly.  So starting next week, I am taking a two week break from all my personal social media accounts.  It’s something I try and do every year. Some times I announce to friends I am doing it, other times I have done it quietly.  And guess what….friends don’t miss me…their worlds go on without me being there to “like” or comment on their status.  Taking a social media break, I find more time in my days for things I love…writing, reading, laugher, watching baseball…and my heart feels content. It finds the space it needs…the space that summer represents for so many of us…from our memories of childhood where summer days were wide open with possibility and freedom.  I highly recommend it. For me, it’s summer, for others Fall or Winter when the world seems to turn inward may be more your cup of tea.  But trust me when I say, your heart will come back full, more peaceful and perhaps from that place you can add your small part to our world, because couldn’t this world use more full, peaceful hearts?  Blessings, dear ones.


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