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One of my favorite people is Danielle LaPorte.  I subscribe to her newsletter, take part in her women’s writing group, and have been to in person workshops. Her book, The Desire Map, is one of my all time favorites. She is a visionary who talks clear and straight, with compassion and kindness.  In one of her newsletters, she gave a writing exercise to complete.  The exercise consisted of writing what you wanted your life to feel like, using her prompts.  Here’s my answers…

I want my morning to feel like roses…fresh and fragrant, with the dew from the night before.
I want to ease into my day like cashmere. Transitioning from night to day quietly…softly…with a sense of honor and purpose of the day.  I want to feel where one day ends and the other begins…subtlety…no hard edges.
I want my body to feel strong and supple, to move with grace, and to feel like my own.  To feel connected and grounded to the earth, but light enough to reach the stars.
I want smiling to be like clementines, juice filled with the lingering scent of citrus.
I want kissing to taste like a blend of salty and sweet, to feel soft and hard, to leave a longing on my lips for more.
I want friendships to feel like the soft satin edges of a baby blanket that when wrapped around you gives a sense of love, safety and being held…tinged with a scent that’s a blend of fresh and familiar.
I want my mind to feel fluid and open.  At peace among all the thoughts and activities of the day. As if I were on the banks of a mighty river observing all that passes by.
I want my work to feel like a calling. Something I must get out of bed to do each day, because I can’t imagine not doing it.
I want my home to feel like a temple…a scared space for all who enter to feel love, warmth and a respite from the world.
I want my integrity to feel like the mountains…tall and solid…with a foundation built over years.
I want my money making to feel like play…a party that blesses the world, not just me.
I want my word to feel like a dove…peaceful, clear and light.
I want my laughter to feel like a mountain spring…bubbling from deep inside and watering the roots of those around me.
I want my end of the day to feel like enough.  A contentment with all that has been done…or not done.
I want my philanthropy to feel like an act of worship…a joyful service that honors all of humanity.
I want my ideas to feel like love letters, that my hands quiver with excitement to unfold and read.
I want my challenges to feel like deals and one of kind items, I secretly find.  A quiet blessing that only I have discovered and know what it goes with.
I want my next success to be bold and quiet at the same time.  I want it to be far reaching, thought provoking and soul opening.  But to do so without a loud entrance or “look at me” fanfare.
I want my love to feel like aspen trees…connected deeply at the root…intertwined and quaking with brazen joy at the breeze that blows through them.
I want my writing to feel like water, that flows and moves and winds its way through the world.  That carves pathways in even the hardest stone hearts, while soothing and quenching as it moves.  I want my words to be a blend of poetry, humor, humility and shared humanity – stories we all recognize.  I want to be a combination of Gabriel Garcia Marquez meets Elizabeth Gilbert on the way to tea with Rumi, Rilke and Hafiz.

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