Observer. Meditation Teacher. Cognitive Scientist. Pause Button Pusher. Curator. Mindful Technologist. Conversation Starter. Digital Anthropologist. Awareness Guide. Explorer of the Soul. Mindfulness Coach. Lover of all things human…mindful…heartfelt.

To know more about me, this blog post will help….Hello.

I currently split my time between Santa Fe, New Mexico and Redondo Beach, California.  I teach mediation in group and private settings. I also consult and advise clients on mindfulness and technology…of being conscious in the use and presence of technology in both their personal and professional lives.  Before leaving the business world to raise my two sons, I worked for Accenture in the Technology Services Practice.  I also worked at the Institute for Learning Sciences at Northwestern University, where Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science and designing software that incorporated both, were the focus.

I am certified to teach the SEED (Simple Easy Everyday Meditation) Method by Sarah McLean at the McLean Meditation Institute.  You can find further information about this method and program here:  McLean Meditation Institute


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