Meditation as an Act of Worship

Meditation as an Act of Worship

  • 4 June 2016
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What if our meditation practice were done as an act of worship? A daily ritual to make present a hard to find peace that we offer to our lives, our loved ones and the world as a whole. When we worship something, we honor it, we revere it, we hold esteem and a place for it. What if our meditation were the same? What if those quiet moments of peace, those stolen moments of presence for ourselves carried over to the all the corners of our lives?  To be fully present in the day, in each moment, with ourselves, our loved ones, our co-workers, our patients or our clients. What if that act of worship brought much needed solace to yourself or others? What if instead of racing through the day in a blur that you were hard pressed to remember, you lived each moment fully? Brought your attention and presence to the present moment.  What would it look like if our meditation practice was done as an act of worship…a gift of peace to yourself, your life, to the world?

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