Learning to Love the Rain…

Learning to Love the Rain…

  • 16 February 2016
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My friend, Carly Butler, curates a column called “Life’s Letters” for www.handwrittenwork.com.  I submitted this piece to her about a letter that means the world to me…a letter from my mother my first year in college.  I love the power of the internet to share words, connect with people, the ability to write so quickly and make edits from a keyboard…but I will say there is something powerful about a handwritten letter, note, or postcard.  Bits and bytes, jpegs and PDFs…can’t replace the feel of paper in your hands, or convey the feelings evoked when you recognize your mother’s handwriting on a letter sent to you thirty years ago.  Life is never an “either…or” it’s a “both…and.” Keep corresponding with others…electronically and in handwritten form…your friends and loved ones will be grateful for both.  Here’s a link to the column, it’s worth clicking simply to see my Mum’s elegant, beautiful handwriting:

Some People Life Their Whole Lives and Never Learn to Love the Rain 

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